Month: February 2016

Going to the doctor

imagePHOTO PROMPT © Al Forbes

It was a sunny Saturday in May in the late 60’s. Mr Palm’s wife was away for the weekend and he had a special plan for the day. As they sat around the breakfast table he told the children that they were going to the doctor to get a shot of polio vaccine and that they were going to dress nicely. When they approached the real goal for their outing, his youngest daughter cried out of excitement; “We’re not going to the doctor!”We’re gonna drive the veteran cars!” Mr Palm parked his car outside the amusement park.





For real

  Photo prompt © Erin Leary

 “Is it really you?”

She stood there. It was her. I recognized her. Of course I did, I hadn’t been as close to anyone else. There was no doubt, I owned her love. 

“I’m so tired. 

She nodded. 

“Shall we go and meet the others?”

I reached out my hand, her hand was as soft as ever. She walked beside me, I couldn’t believe it, I turned my head expecting to find her gone, but she was still there, smiling encouraging. 

We didn’t get there in time. I woke up sobbing.