Month: June 2016

I don’t want to know



He put the magazine aside and stood up.

“I’m just gonna check on the girls, see that their alright in there.”

She looked up from the book she was reading and pulled down her glasses.

“Let them be. Their propably already asleep now anyway. You’ll better stop being so nosy all the time, or Kate will stop bringing friends over.”

“I just want to show Ava I care, for all we know she might be homesick.”

She shooked her head and yawned.

“Well, I’m sleepy.”

She turned of the light as her husband left their bedroom.

Something didn’t feel right.





© Douglas M.Macllroy

Sleep over at Kate’s sounded like a great idea. They could continue their game and also have pizza and soda for dinner, something Ava never got at home. Kate’s father was permissive and kind, maybe to kind, there was something about him that made her feel uneasy. As she laid in the camp bed with her back towards the door she could feel his precense, small ugly eyes staring obsessivly at her. She wanted to go home.




 The ghost house

© Piya Singh

We called it the Ghost house. Back then when we played together, the kids from our street. It was Andy, he was kind of a leader, me and my brother, John and Catherine who were siblings. It hadn’t changed that much, but the totem pole was gone. So was Andy. They’d found him in a trench, unconscious from sniffing paint thinner. Two men drove him home. That was the end of our childhood as we knew it.