Month: July 2016

Skopelos 1982

imagePHOTO PROMPT © Jan Marler Morrill

I am walking through the maze of alleys, crossing the small squares; trying to find the way to Panteli’s house. The sun is at its zenith and there’s not a soul to be found outside. The shutters  of the white washed houses are closed and people are dwelling inside, waiting. So why am I on my way at this hour? For what reason did I leave the shade of the great sycamore tree?

We parted in the middle of quarrel and I have to let him know how much I love him.






Through the frosted glass

 Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Ava fought her own battle. No one else knew. The one she trusted most, she didn’t dare to confide in. Because what if he knew, what would he do with his rage? She painted a scene so horrible; a fight, maybe even a killing, everything in ruins, because of her. So when the doorbell rang she kept quiet and hid under the bed. Waiting for the obsessed to give up and leave.