At the seaside

Photo prompt © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

“You have to understand that you can’t go down to the water by your self. You just have to ask me and I’ll come with you.”

“But I did rescue myself.”

“Yes you are very capeable, but you have to understand that it’s very dangerous, you could have slipped an fallen in.”

“Daddy, what about us going to the swing over there?”






Photo prompt©J Hardy Carroll

breakfast in a hurry no time for loading the electric toothbrush walk pass the noisy construction sites make way for the other pedestrians watch out for the cyclists coming up behind you on the narrow walkway no time for reflection never any time crying inside pretending to be energetic moving quickly feeling heavy looking in shopwindows brief thought about the landscape in the country finally there finally some tranquility.

Going to the doctor

imagePHOTO PROMPT © Al Forbes

It was a sunny Saturday in May in the late 60’s. Mr Palm’s wife was away for the weekend and he had a special plan for the day. As they sat around the breakfast table he told the children that they were going to the doctor to get a shot of polio vaccine and that they were going to dress nicely. When they approached the real goal for their outing, his youngest daughter cried out of excitement; “We’re not going to the doctor!”We’re gonna drive the veteran cars!” Mr Palm parked his car outside the amusement park.




For real

  Photo prompt © Erin Leary

 “Is it really you?”

She stood there. It was her. I recognized her. Of course I did, I hadn’t been as close to anyone else. There was no doubt, I owned her love. 

“I’m so tired. 

She nodded. 

“Shall we go and meet the others?”

I reached out my hand, her hand was as soft as ever. She walked beside me, I couldn’t believe it, I turned my head expecting to find her gone, but she was still there, smiling encouraging. 

We didn’t get there in time. I woke up sobbing. 




No choice

imagePHOTO PROMPT © Jan W. Field


Ink spilled over the bureau. I rose hastily to save my gown, overturning the chair. The letter, nearly finished, was ruined. What if he came home right now? He usually didn’t, but what if? My heart was pounding. I used my handkerchief, it wasn’t enough, I called for Maria to come, to bring a bucket and a cloth. She came in a hurry, I wanted to help her, but I didn’t want to stain my gown.

Before I left the parlour I took a last look at the piano, I wouldn’t  miss anything else.




From a snowy/rainy Stockholm, here’s my story for this weeks Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.


img_2240PHOTOPROMPT © Melanie Greenwood

It didn’t show on the outside, at least she believed it didn’t. She had thought she would be able to handle it this time, but late last night as she layed in bed in fetal position, sweaty with galloping heart, she had given in to the fact. It was going to be a sleepless night. Why hadn’t she asked her right away? Due to embarrassment that she hadn’t taking care of it herself since last time.

Ava looked closely at her.

“Need a tranquilizer before we go?”







I wish you all a Happy 2016!





Copyright Jean L. Hays

Peeping through the glass I saw them. They were just sitting there like I didn’t matter. But it mattered to me. It should matter to them too if they had any decency. She leaned forward and stroked his cheek, was he crying? Then they saw me, he gasped, she got up from the chair and took the few steps towards the window, towards me. Without a word she slammed the window in my face.

What had I done?